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Beyond the Bell

The Root Cause of False Alarms in Automatic Fire Alarm Systems

This project is still in progress
  • Beyond the Bell

  • The Root Cause of False Alarms in Automatic Fire Alarm Systems

  • This research project delves into a crucial and comprehensive exploration of the underlying causes of false alarms in automatic fire alarm systems. False alarms are more than just statistical inconveniences; they present a multifaceted challenge affecting public safety, emergency response efficacy, and the overall integrity of fire safety infrastructure.

    This collaborative research initiative brings together Danish municipalities, Gjensidige, Protector, and WTW, recognizing the pressing need to move beyond mere statistical analyses. The project aims to unravel the intricacies of why false alarms occur, seeking deeper insights into the technological, environmental, and human factors that contribute to these events. Understanding these root causes is paramount to developing effective preventative strategies and optimizing the performance of automatic fire alarm systems.

    By adopting a holistic and data-driven approach, this research seeks to bridge the gap between statistics and real-world implications. Through an in-depth investigation, we aspire to provide system owners and stakeholders with actionable insights to proactively address false alarms. These insights will inform the design of robust fire alarm systems, aiding in the reduction of false alarms and ensuring that genuine emergencies receive timely and accurate responses. Ultimately, this project strives to enhance public safety and contribute to the refinement of fire safety protocols for the benefit of our communities.

  • The success of our project can be attributed to the significant support from our partners, Gjensidige, Protector Forsikring, and WTW (Willis Towers Watson), in addition to the financial contributions from Albertslund Kommune, Faxe Kommune, Frederikshavn Kommune, Mariagerfjord Kommune, Nordfyns Kommune, Rudersdal Kommune, Randers Kommune, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune, Tønder Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Solrød Kommune, Stevns Kommune, Thisted Kommune, and Vejen Kommune. Their unwavering commitment and collaborative efforts have been instrumental in propelling this project to its current level of achievement.

    Simon Sølvsten

    Director of European Center for Risk & Resilience Studies

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