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Beyond the Bell

The Effect of Automatic Fire Alarm Systems Quantified

This project is still in progress
  • Beyond the Bell

  • The Effect of Automatic Fire Alarm Systems Quantified

  • This research proposal outlines a comprehensive study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness and impact of automatic fire alarm systems in mitigating potential harm caused by fires, including loss of life, property damage, and economic burden. Automatic fire alarm systems have been widely adopted as a crucial component of fire safety infrastructure, aiming to minimize response time, optimize life-saving measures, and reduce damages. Nevertheless, a thorough empirical investigation is needed to accurately quantify the true effectiveness of these systems in various real-world settings.

    The project encompasses a quantitative analysis and case studies involving real-case fires in Danish municipal buildings from 2023 to 2028. The study will meticulously examine the overall impact of having an automatic fire alarm system compared to not having one. The findings of this research are anticipated to provide invaluable insights into the efficiency of automatic fire alarm systems, consequently contributing to the refinement of safety protocols, guidelines, and the support of risk management strategies. By quantifying the impact of these systems, stakeholders, including fire safety engineers, building managers, policy makers, and the general public, will possess a more solid empirical basis to enhance fire safety strategies and promote a more efficient deployment of resources. Ultimately, this study aims to significantly contribute to the reduction of fire-related casualties and economic losses, fostering safer built environments for communities.

  • Our project's success is indebted to the invaluable support from our partners: Gjensidige, Protector Forsikring, and WTW (Willis Towers Watson), along with financial contributions from Albertslund Kommune, Faxe Kommune, Frederikshavn Kommune, Mariagerfjord Kommune, Nordfyns Kommune, Rudersdal Kommune, Randers Kommune, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune, Tønder Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Solrød Kommune, Stevns Kommune, Thisted Kommune, and Vejen Kommune. Without their steadfast commitment and collaborative efforts, this project would not have achieved its current level of success.

    Simon Sølvsten

    Director of European Center for Risk & Resilience Studies

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